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Below are the in-depth websites of a few of the top speakers we represent:

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Business / Customer Service / Sales / Teamwork / Leadership / Motivation / Management / Change / Stress


Hanni Berger

Dr. Roger Blackwell

Bill Boggs

David Brobeck, PhD

Bob Burg

Scott Burrows

Dave Caperton

Charles Cary

Evan Carroll

Andy Core

Gayle Cotton

Dan Coughlin

Cheryl Cran, CSP

Roger Crawford, CPAE

Robin Crow

Ron Culberson, MSW, CSP, CPAE

Derek Daly          

Kevin Daum

Dave Davlin

Todd Dewett, PhD

Omekongo Dibinga

Connie Dieken, CSP, CPAE

Craig Dietz

Diane Diresta, CSP

Mike Domitrz, CSP

Michael Duke

David Dye

Pegine Echevarria, CSP

Cea Cohen Elliott

Jen Fitzpatrick, CSP, MSW

Zonya Foco, CSP

John Foppe

Lisa Ford, CSP, CPAE

Mike Frank, CSP, CPAE

Glenn Freezman

Scott Friedman, CSP

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

Elaine Froese, CSP 

Dr. Russ Gaede

Chuck Gallagher

LaDonna Gatlin, CSP, CPAE

Yossi Ghinsberg

Libby Gill

Steve Gilliland, CSP, CPAE

Joyce Gioia, CSP, CMC

Barbara Glanz, CSP, CPAE

David Glickman, CSP

Dr. Rick Goodman, CSP

Scott Greenberg

Don Grimes

Richard Hadden, CSP

Jeff Hannah

Barbara Hemphill

Jeff Havens

Rex Havens, CSP

George Hedley, CSP

Patrick Henry, CSP

Jane Herlong, CSP

Vicki Hess, RN, CSP

Jay Hewitt, JD

Vicki Hitges, CSP

Michael Hoffman, CSP

Sally Hogshead, CPAE

David Horsager, CSP, CPAE

Todd Hunt

Carl Hurley, CPAE

Don Hutson, CSP, CPAE

Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE

Chad Hymas, CSP, CPAE

Karen Jacobsen (The GPS Girl)

Nathan Jamail

Willie Jolley, CSP, CPAE 

Coach Jim Johnson

Ron Karr, CSP 

Brandon Kelly, PhD

Mary Kelly, PhD, CSP

Scott Klososky 

Jeff Korhan

Amy Dee-Kristensen, RN

Ed Krow

Deri Latimer, CSP

Sean Leahy

Jo Lichten, PhD, CSP

Mark Lindquist

Carey Lohrenz

Lt. Commander Chip Lutz, CSP

Heather Lutze, CSP

Warren Macdonald

Chip Madera, CSP

Barry Maher

Don "Frogman" Mann

Cam Marston

Andy Masters, CSP

Mark Mayfield, CSP, CPAE

Jack McCall, CSP

Karen McCullough, CSP   

Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE

Kelly McDonald

Mike McKinley, CSP, CPAE

Robert McMillan

Karl Mecklenburg, CSP

David Meinz, CSP

Connie Merritt, RN, BSN, PHN

Larry Mersereau

Joseph Michelli, PhD, CSP

Jerry Mills

W. Mitchell, CSP, CPAE

Kevin Mitnick

Tessa Todd Morgan

Morris Morrison

Cary Mullen

Randall Munson, CSP

Jim Murphy

Terri Murphy

Karel Murray, CSP

John Naber

Dave Nelson

Michel Neray

Jamie Notter

Kevin O'Connor, CSP
Peggy O'Neill

Justin Osmond

Jim Pancero, CSP, CPAE

Alan Parisse, CSP, CPAE

Terry Paulson, PhD, CSP, CPAE

Marsha Petrie Sue, CSP

Jon Petz, CSP

Stan Phelps

Tim Piccirillo

Matthew Pollard, PGD, CSP

Vince Poscente, CSP, CPAE

Dr. Sheri Prentiss

Nido Qubein, CSP, CPAE

John Register

Tim Richardson, CSP

Jonathan Rick

Steve Rizzo, CPAE

John Robinson (video demo)

Jeri Mae Rowley

Ford Saeks

Jeff Salz, CPAE

Mark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE

Tim Sanders   

Arnold Sanow, CSP   

Mike Schlappi, CSP

John Sileo (Identity Theft speaker)

Dan Shaffer, CPA

Ross Shafer  

Jeff Shore

Sam Silverstein, CSP    

Thom Singer, CSP 

Greg Smith

Dennis Snow, CSP

Kevin Snyder, EdD

Kirsty Spraggon

Laura Stack, CSP, CPAE

Bill Stainton

Mandi Stanley, CSP

Jeff Steinberg

Scott Steinberg

Curt Steinhorst

Doug Stevenson

Robert Stevenson

Terry Sumerlin

Kevin Sweeney

Linda Swindling, JD, CSP

Kelsey Tainsh

Les Taylor 

Matt Tenney

Jeff Tobe, CSP

Jeremy Torisk

Tina Thomas, PhD

Dan Thurmon, CSP, CPAE

Harriet Turk

Philip Van Hooser, CSP, CPAE

Peter Vidmar, CPAE

Kelli Vrla, CSP 

Lt. Col. Rob "Waldo" Waldman, CSP, CPAE  

Dan Waldschmidt

Al Walker, CSP, CPAE

Stan Walters, CSP

George Walther, CSP, CPAE  

Beth Walz

Crystal Washington

Kit Welchlin

Richard Weylman, CSP, CPAE

Greg Williams

Pat Williams

Desi Williamson, CSP, CPAE 

Garrison Wynn, CSP

Mark Zinder

Curtis Zimmerman, CSP


Milt Abel (Comedian)

Steve Brogan (Ventriloquist)

Tim Cavanagh (Comedian)

David Crone (Ventriloquist)

Tom Crowl (Ventriloquist)

Mack Dryden (Humorist)

Kay Frances (Motivational Humorist)

Harry Freedman (Put on artist)

Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE (Humor with a touch of message)

John Garrett (Comedian)

Pete Geist (The Wacky Waiter)

Ken Groves (Comedy ventriloquist)

Eric Hunter (Comedian)

Carl Hurley, CPAE

Matt Jernigan (Comedian)

Craig Karges, CSP, CPAE (Mentalist)
Frank King, CSP (Comedian)

Damian Mason, CSP (Comedian/Bill Clinton Parody)

Brad Nieder, MD (Comedy and wellness advice)

Michael Pasternak as Columbo (Comedy meeting crasher)

Michael Pasternak as Rocco the Plumber (Comedy meeting crasher)

Kerri Pomarolli (comedian)
John Rathbone (Comedian)
Mike Rayburn, CSP, CPAE  (Humorous guitar master)

Dennis Regan (Comedian)
Billy Riggs (Magic with a message)

Greg Schwem  (Comedy with a message)

Glenn Strange (Comedy magician)

The Passing Zone, CPAE (America's Premier Business Jugglers)

The Water Coolers (Comedy/Music about life balance)


Be sure to contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss your needs and budget, so we can make the most appropriate suggestions for you and answer further questions.  Here are a few of the many celebrities with whom we work:


Jim Abbott - One handed former major league baseball pitcher.  All-American college pitcher.  Winner of 1987 Sullivan Award for Amateur Athlete of the Year.  Pitched a no hitter for the New York Yankees in 1993.  Dynamic motivational speaker.

Wally Amos - Founder of Famous Amos Cookie Company, author of four books, literacy advocate, dynamic motivational speaker


Thurl Bailey - Former star NBA basketball player, author, singer, dynamic motivational speaker


Alan Bean - One of America's most well known astronauts, pilot for the second landing on the moon in 1969


Len Berman - One of America's most well known sports broadcasters. Author of seven books on sports.


Todd Blackledge - Broadcaster for NCAA football games.  Quarterback for 1982 Penn State National Champions. Former NFL quarterback.


Dr. Ken Blanchard, CPAE - Co-author of "The One Minute Manager" and numerous other best selling books


Rocky Bleier - Former star running back at Notre Dame and following serious injuries in Viet Nam, went on to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers ........was one of the stars in their winning four Super Bowls


Bobby Bowden - Legendary former football coach for Florida State University.  One of the all-time winningest coaches in NCAA football history.


Terry Bowden - Former head football coach at Auburn University and former ABC television college football commentator.  Dynamic motivational speaker and present college football coach.


Les Brown, CPAE - One of the most dynamic motivational speakers in the world, author, former nationally syndicated TV talk show host


Catherine Crier - Court TV personality, lawyer, former judge, author, award winning journalist


Mort Crim - Former award winning network TV broadcaster, author of 3 books, eloquent speaker


Larry Csonka -Hall of Fame football player for the 3 time Super   Bowl winning, Miami Dolphins (in the 70's)


Tim Daggett - Olympic Gold Medalist in gymnastics


Mike Ditka - College and Professional Hall of Fame football player, former NFL coach, TV football broadcaster, restaurant owner, author


Mike Eruzione - Captain of U.S. Olympic Hockey team that won the Gold Medal in 1980.....the "Miracle on Ice"


Bob Eubanks -  Former host of "The Newlywed Game" and several other television game shows, former manager for several major singers.  His presentation and ability to do a "Newlywed Game" for your organization is extremely well received and includes video clips of some of the funniest guests from his original shows.


Roy Firestone - Master impressionist, TV host, entertainer. Has received 6 Emmy's. He has interviewed more than 3,000 celebrities. SI named him the "best interviewer in the business"


Steve Fraser - Olympic Gold Medalist in wrestling....Rulon Gardner's wrestling coach for ten years


LaDonna Gatlin, CSP, CPAE - Baby sister of the famous, Gatlin Brothers.  Incredible speaker and singer.


Rudy Gatlin - One of the famous Gatlin Brothers...speaker/singer


Mitch Gaylord - Olympic Gold Medalist in gymnastics


Stedman Graham - Entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker


Archie Griffin - Only two-time Heisman Trophy winner (college football). Played in the NFL with Cincinnati Bengals.


Janet Guthrie - First woman to ever race in the Indianapolis 500


Jack Hanna - World renown for his television shows about animals, as well as his relationship with Busch Gardens and the Columbus Zoo.

Kirk Herbstreit - Former quarterback at Ohio State University, present ESPN Television broadcaster for NCAA football (minimal availability during college football season) Only does Q/A sessions or speeches about NCAA football.

Jim Jackson - Former college and NBA basketball superstar

George Karl - Former NBA player and one of the all-time winningest coaches in NBA history.

Clark Kellogg - Former All-American basketball player at Ohio State University, former superstar pro basketball player and present TV broadcaster for NCAA basketball games

Tim Kurkjian - Baseball analyst and reporter for ESPN-TV on  ''Baseball Tonight" and "Sports Center"...author of ONLY A GAME. Senior writer for ESPN Magazine and ESPN.com.

Jerry Lucas - Considered one of the 50 best college basketball players in history AND one of the 50 best professional basketball players in history, memory expert/author

Harvey Mackay, CPAE - Owner of one of America's most successful printing companies, author of several best selling business books, including "Swim with the Sharks, Without Being Eaten Alive"

Anthony Munoz - Hall-of-Fame former NFL player. One of the greatest offensive lineman in history. Played entire career with the Cincinnati Bengals

John Naber - Olympic swimming champion (four gold medals), TV swimming commentator, dynamic speaker

Howard Putnam, CSP, CPAE - Former CEO for Braniff Airlines and Southwest Airlines, Author - "Winds of Turbulence"....speaks on leadership, change, ethics

Kyle Rote, Jr. - America's most well known U.S. born male soccer star

Bob Richards, CPAE - First athlete to appear on Wheaties box and was on  it for over 10 years, two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, one of the most prolific motivational speakers of all time.

Rudy Ruettiger - He is the subject of the famous movie, RUDY, which focused on his dedication to play for Notre Dame.  He has authored 3 books and is in demand as a motivational speaker

Lyn St. James - Second woman to ever race in the Indianapolis 500, started 15 Indy 500 races. Sports Illustrated named her "One of the top 100 female athletes of the century"

Ron Shaw - Former CEO of $200 million per year company, former stand up comedian, excellent speaker on innovation and leadership

Troy Smith - Former Heisman Trophy winner from The Ohio State University. Played NFL football for several years.

Chris Spielman - Former college and pro football star. Author "That's Why I'm Here:  The Chris and Stefanie Spielman Story", speaker, college football commentator

Tom Sullivan - Blind since birth, he is an actor, author of 8 books, singer, composer and athlete.  His life story was captured in the major motion picture, "If You Could See What I Hear"

Dr. Jim Tunney, CSP, CPAE - Referee in three Super Bowls, author of "Impartial Judgement" and "Chicken Soup for the Sports Lovers Soul"

Marilyn Van Derbur, CPAE - Former Miss America, incest survivor, one of the most prolific motivational speakers in history, author of "Miss America by Day"

Peter Vidmar, CPAE - Olympic Gold Medalist in gymnastics...see his complete website above

Bill Walton - Hall-of-Fame NBA basketball player, author, broadcaster

Pat Williams - Senior Executive Vice-President of Orlando Magic, author of 37 books, dynamic motivational speaker

and MANY more.....just give us your goals, budget, location and past speakers..... so we can make appropriate suggestions

One of our specialties is speakers whose fees are $3500 or under

(In a few cases, if the speech is out of the speaker's home town or state or longer than one hour, the fee may be over $3500)

Call us for details AND to have us send you our catalog with 160 speakers whose fees are $3500 and under....... but following are some of the names of reasonably priced speakers we work with closely, most of whom are featured in the catalog.


Larry Barnett - former long time American League baseball umpire

Bobby Carpenter - former OSU and NFL football star

Coach Bill Conley - former assistant football coach for Ohio State University

Coach John Cooper - former head football coach at Ohio State University

Coach Gerry Faust - former Notre Dame head football coach                     

Matt Finkes - former OSU football star

Greg Frey - former quarterback for Ohio State University

Matt Finkes - former star college football player at Ohio State University

Maurice "Mo" Hall - former OSU football star

Shawn Harper - former star college and pro football player                

Bill Hosket - former All-American basketball player & star pro player

Jim Karsatos - former quarterback for Ohio State University  

Craig Krenzel - former Ohio State quarterback for National Champions-2003

Jim Lachey - former All American NCAA and All-Pro football player

Al Oliver - former all-star major league baseball player

Jack Park, CPA, CSP - expert on Ohio State University football / Leadership

Dr. Lea Ann Parsley - Olympic silver medalist in Skeleton (winter Olympics) 

Scoonie Penn - former OSU basketball star

Sam Rutigliano - former head football coach for Cleveland Browns

Dick Schafrath - former star football player & All-Pro for Cleveland Browns

Katie Smith - one of the greatest college and pro women basketball players

Ron Stokes - former star basketball player for Ohio State University

PEOPLE SKILLS (with Humor): 


Harvey Alston

Kristin Arnold, CSP

Brian Blasko

Bruce Boguski

Dr. Stephen Boyd, CSP

Barbara Braham

Ben Brooks

Melissa Buchanan

Tod Buchanan

Dave Caperton

Kerry Patrick Clark

Sylvana Clark

Roselyn Connor

Patrick Donadio, CSP

Cea Cohen Elliott

Joan Fox, CSP

Mike Frank, CSP, CPAE

Debbie & Mike Gardner

Melvin Gravely

Gary Griesser

Dr. Ray Guarendi

Devon Hansen

Dr. Jep Hostetler

Wayne Humphreys, CSP

Ted Janusz

Kay Keller

Fran Kick, CSP

Gail Bossert Klink

Dr. Robert Lawson

Dave Leedy

Dr. Jay Lehr

Rick Metzger, CSP

Dr. Johnny Miller, CSP

John Mincy

Jeff Moyer

Steven Newman

Richard Paul

Dr. Kay Potetz

Randall Reeder (as Will Rogers)

Carol Ritz, CSP

Mark Shatz

Dr. Scott Sheperd

David Austin Sky

Walter Smith

Dr. Tom Steiner

Phil Stella

Dr. Mike Thomson

Dr. Darryl Tukufu

Dr. Nancy Utterback, CSP

Richard Vail

John Wagner

Dawn Waldrop

Edith Washington

Marion Wikholm

Otis Willams, CSP

Steve Wilson, CSP



Luther Beauchamp

Mike Bishop

Dave Dugan

Mary Faktor

George Fields, CSP

Eric Gnezda

Ken Groves

Jay Hendren

Patrick Henry,CSP

Ralph Hood, CSP

Eric Hunter

Jeff Jena

Mark Klein

Keith Matheny

John Slicer

Barbara Smith "The Hat Lady"

Charlie Thompson

Note:   CSP = Certified Speaking Professional (earned through the 3,600 member, National Speakers Association)  Only 600+ speakers in the world have attained this designation.
CPAE = Speaker Hall-of-Fame (awarded by the 3,600 member, National Speakers Association) Only 215 speakers in the world have received this recognition.
Only 135 speakers in the world have both, CSP and CPAE