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About Us
The sole owner of Speakers Unlimited, Mike Frank started his bureau in 1971. It is the 5th oldest active Speakers Bureau in North America. While Mike is also a Hall of Fame speaker, many knowledgeable people in the meetings world, have said Mike knows more about speakers than anyone in the nation... Why? His bureau will book speakers from $1,000 to $100,000... on all topics, in any location, and has booked more different speakers than any other agency.
Over 15,000 "bookings" for more than 600 different speakers or entertainers... Mike has never had another agent working for him.  He has booked all of these engagements.​

"It is so nice to have a speakers bureau that I can count on and trust.  In the 25+ years that I have been with OHCA, I can not remember a speaker that you recommended who did not perform exactly as you stated.  It is certainly reassuring to know that you will be honest, above all else, by letting me know when a speaker may not be appropriate for my group.  This honesty in business is rarely found these days"


"We have been 'booking' our speakers with SPEAKERS UNLIMITED for over 30 years. They have come through for us every time. We recommend them, without reservation."
- Mike Cochran, Former Executive Director / OHIO TOWNSHIP ASSOCIATION

Contact Us -

Speakers Unlimited
7532 Courtyard Place
Cary, NC 27519
614-940-3115 (Cell)
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